G-QH0JYMQKBD [LINDSAY] Rubber Modelling Mask Pack 韩国脸部管理级别软膜 - 颗装
RM9.00 - RM10.00
[LINDSAY] Rubber Modelling Mask Pack 韩国脸部管理级别软膜 - 颗装
Price RM9.00 - RM10.00
Brand Lindsay
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All Skin Types. 所有肤质适用


Peel back the lid and remove the spatula.

Pour in water to the fill level in the cup and mix well to a paste.

Using the spatula provided, apply to your face avoiding your eyes and lips, ensuring a thick layer at the sides.

The mask will become sold and after 10-15 minutes, gently peel off the mask and rinse off any residue.

Apply toner and follow up with the rest of your skincare routine.


Collagen enlightened舒缓 改善毛孔粗大 恢复弹性 滋润

- Soothing - Pore Care - Skin Elasticity - Moisturizing

Calendula enlightened舒缓 平衡水油 低过敏性 滋润

- Soothing - Balance - Hypoallergenic - Moisturizing.

Vitamin enlightened美白提亮 供给养分 补水保湿 恢复受损肌肤

- Brightening - Moisturize 

Cool Tea-Treeenlightened补水保湿 舒缓镇定 平衡水油 修复屏障

- Cooling - Pore Care 

Lavender enlightened清凉修护 水油平衡

- Soothing - Vitality

Charcoal enlightened清除毛孔污垢 缩小毛孔 控油

- Remove dirt from pores - Oil Control - Pore Care



What's in the box

This is a mask pack that is made by using the principle that Alginate extracted from seaweeds reacts with diatomaceous earth, and becomes as hardened as rubber while it gelates. Because of this property, it is also called as "rubber pack".While you are being packed, it creates a vacuum by blocking completely the air between the skin and the pack, thus preventing the active ingredients in the pack from being evaporated outward and simultaneously having the same ingredients absorbed more deeply into the skin. For this reason, you are recommended to use this pack with serum or ampoule.

Collagen helps to detoxify skin by gently lifting away impurities and dead skin cells while supplying nutrients into the skin to reveal instant brightening effects.
Vitamin delivers an instant radiance to your complexion, soothing irritated skin and force feeding your pores intensive moisture for lasting hydration.
The cool tea-tree mask features an immediate cooling sensation, leaving skin feeling clean, hydrated, and completely refreshed.

Real Calendula Flower Extract to calm irritated skin and rejuvinate an exhausted, depleted complexion with a deep dose of hydration.

Lavender creates a relaxing, tone & texture balancing facial to leave your skin feeling well rested and glowing.

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