G-QH0JYMQKBD Badecasil

It was born out of research into great ingredients that could be used safely by our families. At 23 years old, we are working every day on products that can put high-end skincare stores and dermatology clinics in our hands. The results are just like skincare stores and hospitals, and we work every day to make the prices affordable for everyone. So you can feel good about using 23 Years Old.

We research and develop quality cosmetics by repeating numerous clinical trials and failures before launching our products. We work every day to develop cosmetics that do not modify ingredient labels or labels that could cause confusion, so our families can use them with confidence.

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Acne skin, acne skin, damaged skin, skin with many traces, skin with fish shreds, rough skin, dry skin with exfoliated skin, customers who want to remove the traces of the skin safely without irritation, Due to dry and cement-like uneven skin, skin with obvious keratinous unevenness, dark oil/chestnut skin




Before going to bed, take an appropriate amount and apply it to the place where it is needed, and apply thick cocoa on severely inflamed pustules. (Contains AHA, do not use BHA during the day)


It’s good to use it at night~ Don’t use it during the day 晚上使用就好囉~千萬不要在白天使用

Sensitive skin. Please test before use 敏感肌.請先測試再使用喔

It is recommended to use topically for dry and sensitive skin because it contains fruit acid. It may be a bit tingling when using it. Because it has an exfoliating effect. Do not match with exfoliating skin care products




Attention, use with caution when allergic to aspirin! Containing AHA ingredients will increase the sensitivity to sunlight, it is recommended not to use it during the day and at night